Planning For Family Time With Your New Home

If you wait long enough, almost everything comes full circle. Humans survived and populated the world largely due to sticking together, but prosperity and security caused some cultures to isolate. Some, though, see a big benefit in keeping families closer together and want housing that addresses that need. Read on to find out more.

What Is Multigenerational Housing?

Just as it sounds, more and more are making the choice to house more than just one or two generations in the same home. A common issue for families today is the need to keep a closer watch on elderly parents, but that is far from the only motivating factor for families seeking multigenerational housing. It's not as easy as it used to be for young people to afford rent or a mortgage, and traditional homes can begin to feel crowded and cluttered once more people move in.

Lots of Bedrooms and More

The more there are living under a single roof, the more space you'll need, but the needs go well beyond that. Square footage alone does not make a multigenerational home in and of itself. Home occupants need privacy and separation, and you want to consider noise issues too. Split plans with the master on one side and more bedrooms on the other might work well for some. Homes with a second master have become increasingly common for those with elderly parents moving in. While having the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms is important, having multiple living areas is a great idea as well. For example, finished basements can create a getaway spot for family members. Also consider your outdoor spaces, screened rooms, and sunrooms as second living areas for when grandma wants to have her bridge group over.

Granny Pods

Speaking of grandma, granny pods are now a thing. Of course, these backyard living spaces are not exclusively for grannies. Any time you place an additional living area outside your home, you are promoting private but easily accessible space for family members. If you are considering a home with a yard big enough for a granny pod, be sure to ask your real estate agent about zoning regulations before you go forward.

Garage Accommodations

Garage apartments used to be common and a great way to accommodate returning adult kids, overnight guests, or even renters. If you plan to create such a space, be sure to look for a home with a detached garage that you can either build on top of or turn into an apartment.

With your needs in mind, speak to a real estate agent about buying a single-family home and learn more about how you can jump on the multigenerational housing trend.