3 Signs You Need A Storage Unit

You may think you have all your clutter handled, but guess again. Check out these 3 signs that tell you a storage unit is just what you need to help reduce the chaos in your home.

You plan on moving in the next few months

If you're going to be moving in the next few months (3 months or less), getting a storage unit may work well in your favor. A storage unit allows you to begin to place your larger items in a secure area while you pack the other items you use everyday, such as dishes, clothing, and kitchen essentials. Use storage units to organize your less-used items, including books, tools, items from your garage, and other things as you prepare for your move. A storage unit makes moving a snap- and allows you to keep your sanity while you transition from one home to another.

You use one of your bedrooms as storage

If you have reduced your home into self storage, then you need a storage unit so you can actually use your space again. You may have a bedroom full of your craft supplies, Christmas gifts, or other doodads you don't use every day, and a storage unit can help you reclaim your home again. As you organize your excessive collection of stuff into storage unit piles, you just may find yourself creating donation or giveaway piles as well, which makes entertaining a storage unit all the more beneficial to you.

You don't have room in your driveway for your toys

People often use storage units to store their boats, riding lawn mowers, and other big 'toys' that hog up their driveways otherwise. There can be many benefits to placing these potentially expensive items in boat or car storage, including:

  • protecting them from harsh winter elements
  • added security (most storage unit facilities have cameras and locked fences)
  • not having to rent storage space at a marina or other specialized facility

When you place your large items in self storage, make sure to also store any included accessories, such as boat covers, life jackets, and other items so you keep all toys organized well with their accompanying items.

Choosing a storage unit

When getting a storage unit, make sure you choose one that you can easily afford, has easy access for you, proper security, and can safely house your items. Explore a few storage units before you make your final choice so you feel confident you are getting the best deal.

Just because you don't think you need a storage unit, from somewhere like Epic Group Inc, doesn't mean that one can't be beneficial to you. Use these warning signs that you may need a storage unit to help guide you, and then you can move forward in choosing a unit that will work best for your needs and your budget.