Prepared Your Dirt Bike For Storage

If you are not going to use your dirt bike again until next spring or summer, you need to properly store your dirt bike. If you just let it sit all winter like it is right now, the liquids inside can degrade the components on your bike.

You will need to set aside an entire afternoon or evening in order to prepare your bike for storage.

Clean Your Bike

First off, you should wash your bike. Make sure it is dust and dirt free before you get ready to prepare it for storage.

Drain The Gas

The first thing you need to do is drain the gas from your dirt bike. Make sure the gas valve is turned to off. Then you will need to use a flat screwdriver in order to unscrew the float bowl drain from your carburetor. Slowly drain the gas into a gas can, then reattach the drain screw back on to the carburetor.

Then, the fuel line off of your carburetor and place it into the gas can. Now you need to turn the fuel value back to the on position. Allow it to drain for a few minutes in order to get all the gas out. Once all the gas has drained out of the fuel line, turn the fuel value off again. Return the fuel line back to where it belongs. Cap off the gas can and set it aside.

Spray The Exhaust Pipe And Muffler

Take WD40 and spray it on the outside of the exhaust pipe and muffler. This will keep the pipes from corrosion over the winter.

Top Off The Brake Fluid

Do not let old brake fluid sit in your bike all winter. You will need to take off the cylinder fluid reservoir lids in order to refill the brake fluid. Top it off and secure the lids again.

Remove The Battery

If your battery sits unused all winter, it will most likely be dead when you try to use it again next spring. You can prevent this by removing the battery from your bike and attaching it to a battery trickle charger or automatic float battery charger. This charge will turn your battery on and off over the winter, and will keep it in good shape until you are ready to use it again.

Add Air To The Tires

You need to add extra air to the tires of your dirt bike. Put the maximum amount of air that your tires can handle in them. This will prevent flat spots from forming in your bike. You can protect the tires even more by placing them on a center or racing stand. This will take the pressure off of your tires while it is in storage.

Clean The Chains

Use warm water and a sponge to clean the bike chains. You may need to use a grease-cutting cleaner in order to get the chains completely clean. Once the chains are dry, spray some chain lubricant in order to keep the chains in good working order.

Cover The Air Filters & Tail Pipe

Bugs seem to love to hang out in air filters. Use aluminum foil to cover up your air filters and protects them from insects this winter. To keep all the bugs out of your dirt bike, you could also place aluminum foil over the tail pipe to keep unwanted guest out of your bike.

It will take some time to complete all the steps listed above, but it will be worth it when your bike is ready to go next spring. After you have followed all of these steps, your bike is ready to go. You just need to move it into a storage unit for safe keeping. For more storage tips, contact a company like ABC Moving & Storage.