How To Remove Termites From Your Home

Having a termite infestation in your home is a troubling dilemma that should be taken care of as soon as the bugs are discovered. Termites can destroy woodwork within your home if they are left there for any length of time. They can get into wood poles and posts and ruin foundations. They are dreaded by most homeowners. If you notice termites in your home, you will need to act aggressively in order to remove them completely. Here is a guide to removing these harmful pests from your home. 

Things Termites Like

There are a few things that will attract termites, so you should do your best to remove these things from your home, if possible. The first thing is water. Termites are attracted to areas where there are plumbing problems that have constant leaking. If there is an area in your home where water is always dripping, you will want to have it taken care of so that termites have no water supply.

Termites are attracted to paper products. They enjoy chewing anything wood; thus, paper, which is derived from wood, is a second choice. If you have piles of newspapers, cardboard, paper bags, or scrap paper lying around your home, you will want to get rid of these right away. Check bookcases to see if termites are hanging out around any old books that you may have, as well.

How To Get Rid Of Termites

You can try to remove termites by using the same things that they like to trap them. Place a large stack of wet cardboard in an area near where you have seen termites hanging out. After a day or two, it will most likely be packed with insects throughout. Grab it and put it outdoors to burn. If you do this several times, you will get a good number of the bugs out of your home.

Spray a mixture of boric acid and water directly onto termites and near areas they frequent. This mixture causes them to become dehydrated, and they will die soon after. If you have gotten rid of the water sources in the home, you will soon be able to kill off a bunch of the pests due to lack of moisture.

If these methods do not work, you can contact a professional exterminator at to help you remove termites from your home. They will have chemical methods that will remove them permanently.