Moving Is Exciting Until You Realize You Have To Clean: The 5 Chores Everyone Dreads Done For You

Is there anything worse than move-out cleaning? If you've lived in a home for a few years, there are inevitably little nooks and crannies that haven't seen a feather duster in a while, or ever. Just thinking about cleaning can take the wind out of your sails. Let move out cleaning services take care of the 5 things you dread (and everything else too).

The cabinets

You know that cabinet that the kids spilled pancake syrup in six months ago, or the top shelves you can't reach, but somehow there's a potato that's been there since you moved in? Don't forget the front of the cabinets that looked fine before, but now you're noticing every scuff mark and the spot of food? Instead of dreading cleaning, or spending hours scrubbing and bleaching the cabinets, let move out cleaning take care of it for you. You can focus on your new home. 

The walls and baseboards

Even if you keep your home spotless, walls end up with scuff marks and baseboards collect dust faster than you can wipe it away. If you're a little on the messy side, your walls may need a thorough scrubbing from top to bottom. That's a big job. Instead of spending hours on your hands and knees, wiping baseboards clean, move out cleaning can have your walls and baseboards sparkling in no time. That leaves time for you to shop for new accents and upgrades for your new home.

Fans and light fixtures

Do you ever wonder how those tiny moths get inside of light fixtures that are closed? What about the dust in the globes and on the fan blades? It always seems like you dusted and cleaned your fans and light fixtures a week ago, but somehow they look like no one's touched them in a year. Wouldn't it be fabulous to pack your things and not worry about the dirty work? Cleaning services are especially helpful for people with dust mite allergies. 

The bathrooms

Maybe you have sparkling bathrooms with no soap buildup, clean grout, and shining fixtures. If that doesn't sound like you, your bathrooms could probably use a little cleaning. That hair-dye that dripped down the cabinet unnoticed, the grout that looks like a completely different color, and the soap buildup in your tub and shower, can all be cleaned perfectly and you don't have to break a sweat. You may even have time for a little relaxation, to enjoy a good book or new movie. 

Oven and refrigerator 

You pushed the self clean button on your oven once a month, but for some reason there's a thick black crust on the bottom. The refrigerator looks okay, but you haven't taken out the drawers or defrosted the freezer in ages. You're pretty confident that there are going to be a few surprises waiting for you. You can put on yellow rubber gloves and break out the heavy duty oven cleaner, or you can spend your time thinking about what color to paint your new bedroom. 

Even if you've never used cleaning services before, consider the time and stress that are involved with moving. Move out cleaners like Kathy's Quality Cleaning, Inc. take the toughest part of moving out of the equation, leaving you free to focus on the excitement of your move.