How To Move Long Distances With Pet Rats

If you have to move to a new home far away, you're probably worried about how to take your pet rats with you. It's not the same as moving with a cat or dog. Follow this advice when you get ready to move.

Small Cat Carrier

Place your rats in a small cat carrier and not in their original cage. Most rat cages are pretty big and you might not have room for it in the vehicle. Choose a carrier with small holes or slits that your rats can't get through.


Water is important and dehydration can be a problem on a long trip. However, you don't want to give your rats a water bottle or water dish because it will spill all over the place and get your rats wet. Instead, give your rats water on a regular basis during the trip to see if they are thirsty. Once an hour should suffice.

Special Treats

If your rats haven't been on a trip before, they will be nervous. Take along some of their most favorite treats—you know, the treats they never say no to eating. Give them the treats regularly, about the same time you offer water, to keep them distracted from the drive.

Keep Them Together

Keep your rats together in one carrier. They will take comfort from each other. Separating them will only make the trip scarier.


Are you traveling in the summer or winter? You need to prepare your rats based on the temperatures outside. In winter, use microwaveable heat pads that last for several hours. Stick them beneath the blankets you've provided for your rats. In summer, bring along frozen water bottles. Keep them in a cooler and use them if the air conditioning stops working. You don't want your rats too hot or cold. Think of them and not yourself while messing with the heating and cooling dials on the car.

Stick to Feeding Schedule

Feed your rats their normal breakfast or dinner at the same time you would when at home. This gives them a sense of normalcy and prevents confusion. They might not eat because of the stress (that's what the special treats are for) but they will still recognize the routine.

Follow these tips and your rats will make the trip with little stress. Talk to them and even hold them while on the road. It will actually help you bond more.