4 Ways You Can Make Your Next Move as Easy as Possible

Moving into a new place can be fun and exciting, but you need to make sure that you take the time to move your belongings in the right way. Many people cannot afford to pay a moving company to move their items for them and enlist help from their friends and family. When this happens, a large moving truck through resources like Upland Stor King is often rented to make the move quicker and easier. It is important that you be sure you take the proper steps when moving so that it is as easy and safe as possible. Use the following guide to learn how to move the right way.

Pack and Label Your Boxes

When you are packing your boxes, wrap breakable items in your clothing. There is no need to invest in bubble wrap or expensive moving paper. Your clothing needs to go to your new place anyway, so wrapping breakables allows you to move both items at one time. Be sure that you label each box so that you know where it needs to go when it gets to the new house.

Heavy Stuff Goes in First

When loading the truck, the heaviest items need to go into the truck first. Furniture should be loaded and pushed all the way against back of the cab of the truck. Be sure to secure any items that could fall over with ratchet straps.

Store Artwork Standing Against the Walls

Most moving trucks have bars or rails on the sidewalls. These rails are designed to allow you to stand artwork against the walls of the truck so that nothing pierces or damages it. Be sure to wrap artwork in blankets or towels for added protection during the move. Painter's tape can be used to secure the towels or blankets to the artwork without damaging the frames.

Secure Boxes So They Stay Put

Once you have loaded everything into the truck, you need to make sure that nothing will topple over during the move. The boxes should only be stacked a few feet off the ground and secured with ratchet straps to keep them from flying around in the truck as you drive from one place to another. If you stack the boxes too high, they will not stay balanced and will surely topple during the trip.

These tips will help you to ensure that your items follow you from point A to point B. Talk to moving companies or trunk rental businesses for more tips for a secure trip.