Hire A Tenant Services Coordinator To Make Your Property Management Duties Easier

Operating a property management company can be trying at times because it involves so many different things. When you take on management duties for property owners, you become responsible for all the tenant services needed for the properties. To make your job easier, you could hire a tenant services coordinator. This is a person that will handle the phone calls, repair services, and much more, and a tenant services coordinator will also complete the following two duties.

Notifications to Tenants

One thing that property managers are not always good at is notifying tenants of certain events. While this is an important part of property management, it is one of the duties that managers often forget about. Tenant coordinators handle all kinds of duties and would be glad to handle this one. This can include notifying tenants about:

  • Upcoming pest control services that will take place
  • Routine maintenance needed in certain units
  • Major renovations that may affect the tenants
  • Problems that tenants should be aware of
  • Late rent issues and late fees that will apply

Legally, landlords are not allowed to enter properties without notifying tenants unless there is an emergency in the unit. If you have an employee that is responsible for notifying tenants of this, you will not have to worry about legal issues.

Notifying tenants that you need access to their units is also done as a form of courtesy. Showing respect for your tenants may not be a legal requirement, but it can be better for business purposes.

Handle Disturbances and Tenant Issues

It's not uncommon for tenants to have issues with the property management company or with other tenants, and this can be a time-consuming aspect of property management. By hiring a tenant services coordinator, you can have a person responsible for handling these issues. The coordinator you hire should be knowledgeable with landlord-tenant laws and anti-discrimination laws, and he or she should have the ability to solve problems.

When tenants have issues, they can talk to the coordinator. He or she will find a resolution that is legal and fair for the tenant and for your company. By putting a coordinator in charge of this, it may free up a lot of your time, and you will know that the issues are all being addressed and solved.

There are so many other things a tenant services coordinator can do for your company too, and hiring a coordinator could be a great way to free up your time and ensure that all tenant services are being handled properly and timely.