Make Military Life Easier With Self Storage

Moving to and from different duty stations can create a real hassle for the bachelor sailor or the Army family man. Whether you're mailing tons of stuff back to family in the US or dragging your ever-growing pile of property to every new base, the costs and wasted time from moving adds up. Consider a few ways to use self storage for a more efficient move, without completely blocking off your treasures from duty stations come and gone.

Family And Friend Proximity

It may be tempting to choose a self storage service near your current home. An easy move with a few boxes, right? Unfortunately, you need to think about getting all of those old boxes, pieces of furniture and exotic clothing out of storage.

Military service is tiring, and most service-members will do one of two things: move their property into the closest available storage center or mail everything to far away family. Instead, look for nearby self storage with friends, relatives and a well-equipped postal service.

Instead of rushing against your move date to get everything into storage, you can take your time with the assistance of others. If you miss your payment date or would like to move items into a different storage unit, choosing a more convenient storage area for those who know you and your best interests can make future moves much easier.

It isn't just about having your property mailed to you. When you need periodic checks, maintenance or inventory on certain items, you can rely on your nearby contacts to visit the storage center in your name. With a post office nearby, you won't have to burden your friends and family as much with mail requests.

Search For Active Duty And Veteran Partners

Many companies are ready to show their support for those who served or continue to serve. It's understandable that you may not be able to manage your states-side storage when on far away duty, so ask for assistance with long term storage.

If you have items that need to be checked for humidity levels or other environmental conditions, make sure to ask self storage owners about the best ways to maintain your items. Even if they don't have humidity indicators or other equipment on site, these professionals can help you figure how to keep your items in good condition during long deployments.

Even though self storage usually comes without assistance, ask the manager for a helping hand when it comes to maintaining long-term items. Even if management can't help you due to policy, they may be able to recommend an upkeep service. Contact a self storage and mini storage professional to begin planning your next pre-deployment deposit.