How To Prep Your Home For Carpet Cleaners

Having your carpets at home professionally cleaned can save you the time and effort of trying to do this yourself. In order to have your carpets cleaned efficiently, a little preparation will be needed on your part. Make sure to prepare your home for professional cleaners with these five steps.

1. Remove all Small Items and Easy to Move Furniture

Anything you can do to clean out rooms to be shampooed before cleaners arrive will help with the process. Clear everything from the tops of larger furniture and remove all smaller chairs and tables. In addition, if there are any areas of your home that are 'off -limits', be sure to tell the cleaning technician. In order to get the best clean possible, understand that doors to closets and other areas of the home might be opened.

2. Vacuum Thoroughly

If you can take care of the vacuuming, then the cleaning service won't have to. This will add additional fees and time to the cleaning job if your carpets aren't shampoo-ready. Make sure to vacuum well in the corners and the crevices next to walls.

3. Make Sure Parking and a Water Source are Available

Making sure carpet cleaners have access to your home and a water source for cleaning is important. A cleaning service will let you know exactly what they need, but be ready for them the day-of. Don't waste time moving cars or finding areas for their equipment and hoses.

4. Point out any Problem Areas

If you have specific stains or areas you would like cleaners to focus on, make sure to point these out. They can make sure to spend extra time on these, rather than the basic clean that will be used for all areas. They can also make sure to have specific cleaners and spot removers on hand to tackle tougher areas.

5. Stay out of the Way

Have cleaners go over the process with you ahead of time, and then try your best to make yourself scarce. Cleaners can get to work more efficiently if you aren't getting in the way or stepping over equipment. Make sure to keep children and pets away from the cleaning process as well so that they don't bother cleaners while working.

Prepping for carpet cleaning will ensure that your housewares are safe, and cleaners will spend their time cleaning carpets, not prepping. Do your part to get your home ready for professional carpet cleaning. To learn more, contact a company like Clean Sweep Professional Cleaning Service with any questions you have.