How To Improve Employee Safety And Protect Your Building

Operating a business and making sure your employees are safe is a difficult task without the proper equipment. For this reason, you need to look into different products that can help improve the safety of your building. With these products in place, you can feel more confident that your employees are safe and your building is protected at all times:

One-Way Fire Doors

One-way fire doors are a good choice for any business. These doors also offer your company several features that make them worth the effort to install. The first feature is that these doors offer anyone in your building additional exit points if a fire should happen. The more exit points your building has the easier it is for people to get out safely.

Another feature is that this type of door only opens from the inside and it usually does not have a handle or lock on the outside of the door. This feature prevents unwanted individuals from utilizing this door as an easy entry point into your building.

Additionally, if someone would come in to your building and the person is threatening or hostile towards your employees, your staff members can use this door to get out and activate your alarm system at the same time. Many security systems will activate when a fire sensor is tripped. For some systems, the opening of a fire door will send a notification to the security company and they will send the proper authorities to your location.  

Access Controlled System

Access controlled systems offer you the ability to control who can enter your building. For example, you can install locks that prevent the doors from opening unless the person has a pin code or a swipe card.

These types of security features are used for unlocking the doors of your building and for recording which employee entered through that door. Additionally, the lock will reengage after the door shuts completely, thus preventing people from entering without permission.

Silent Panic Buttons

For added protection, you can also install silent panic buttons that are connected to your security system. These buttons allow your employees to call for help quietly. The silent feature lets your employees call for help without the unwanted person from knowing.

However, it is important that you do not place the panic buttons where someone can push it on accident. It is best to consult a security company about the best placement for the button.

When your goal is to protect your building and your employees, you need to make some changes to your location. Utilizing different products can help you accomplish this goal in the best possible way. To learn more, contact a company like Midwest Lock & Security with any questions or concerns you have.