Making Your Home Stand Out To Buyers With Professional Certificates

Preparing to sell your home (through outlets such as Cates Auction) can be a huge learning experience. Buyers look at many things in addition to the appearance of a home when considering making an offer. They wonder if they'll need to put a lot of money into the place shortly after closing. This guide explains how you can eliminate some of the anxiety that buyers feel by scheduling certain inspections and having certificates on hand to show them the major items in the home are in great working order.

Heating and Cooling

There is little doubt that new heating and air conditioning system can cost buyers a lot of money. If they see an older system in your home, they may look elsewhere. Ask a heating and cooling expert to come out to inspect the units for proper operation.

In addition to ensuring that the units are working properly. Ask the experts to provide information on a certificate concerning how long they believe the heating and air conditioning system will last. In doing so, you'll be providing the buyers with valuable information so that they can budget and plan to have new systems installed.

Hot Water Heater

The hot water heater is not as expensive to replace as the heating and cooling systems, but this expense is still not something that a buyer wants to deal with soon after obtaining their mortgage.

Call the plumber to have the hot water heater inspected, lines drained and connections checked before showing your home. Then ask the plumber to provide a certificate showing that the unit is in good working order.


Call an appliance professional to inspect and test all the components of the kitchen appliances. Many new buyers don't want the added expense of purchasing new appliances shortly after moving in, and seeing older, run down appliance is a deal breaker in the eyes of many buyers.

A certificate detailing when the appliances were inspected and that all is working properly helps put potential buyers at ease, specifically when it comes to the major appliances such as the washer and dryer, stove and refrigerator.

Make a few copies of these certificates. Keep a set for yourself, and then give another set to the real estate agent. Keep another set on-hand to include with any closing documents should the buyer request them. Make sure the name and contact information is on the documents so that buyers can contact them should they have any questions or they find themselves in need of their services after the deal is done.