4 Ways to Prepare a Tech-Oriented Commercial Real Estate Build Out

Are you about to move into new office space? The first thing a business ever does when moving is to complete its build out, tailoring the offices and lobby areas to the business. Before you commit to your build out, you might want to think about the technology that you're going to be placing in your offices. 

1. Install USB Outlets

USB outlets are an excellent upgrade for those who use USB chargers or who just need to turn on USB-powered devices. USB outlets also don't cost significantly more than regular outlets today and they still act like an ordinary outlet as well. The outlet fits over a standard electrical outlet, letting you plug in both standard electronic devices and your USB-oriented devices. 

2. Place Wire Guides

In areas where you will be installing equipment such as flat screen televisions, you may want to place wire guides within the walls. Wire guides are run through the inside of the wall so that you don't need to run wires on the outside. Running wiring later on is usually more complicated and holes may need to be drilled into the walls to accommodate their passage. 

3. Plan Your Physical Network

You should always have your network administrator look at your floor plans to plan out your physical network of telecommunications and cabling. For instance, you might not realize that you don't have a telecommunications cable next to where you intend to place your desk in your executive office, leading to either further wires having to be run or extension cords having to be placed against the wall. Your network administrator will also be able to identify issues such as areas that should be supported by a secondary router, for a more stable WiFi signal. 

4. Secure Your Server Room

Your server room should be both secured with a lock, well-ventilated, and well-insulated. Servers can produce a lot of sound and they can represent a security risk if they are not behind a locked door. Ventilation is additionally important because servers can overheat if they aren't kept in a cool environment. Some thought should be put into where you will put your telecommunications devices, modems, routers, switches and other associated technology. 

Technology is an absolutely essential component to any commercial real estate build out. Otherwise, you could easily end up with unwieldy or unprofessional interior results. Your IT professional, one like NAI Norris Beggs & Simpson, can likely give you additional pointers.