Why A Property Management Service Might Be Perfect For Your Equestrian Property

If you own an equestrian property, you may not know all the benefits of working with a property management service that specializes in horse real estate. Read on to learn why a property management company might be just what you need and what kind of services they typically offer.

Why Use a Property Management Company

There are many reasons to engage the services of a property management company, including some you may not have thought of. While property management services are typically employed to handle rental properties, and they can certainly do this for your equestrian property, they can also assist with other needs.

If you are gone over the show season (usually the winter for most horse owners), a property management service can tend your property during the months you're gone. They can also handle your place while you are gone on vacation, especially if your hired hands are taking vacation at the same time.

If your property is in transition, a property management company can assist with that as well. If you have already moved and haven't sold the property yet, a management company can keep it in tip-top shape for viewings. And if you recently purchased an equestrian estate, property managers can keep it up until you are able to move in.

What Services Are Offered by Equestrian Property Managers

You might be amazed at the range of services provided by property management companies. With an equestrian property, they can

  • handle opening and closing the home while you're gone
  • maintain pastures and arenas
  • assist with the storage of equipment, such as jumps and fencing
  • clean and care for the barn
  • coordinate with horse care providers for any horses remaining on the property
  • mow the lawn and landscape the garden
  • maintain the pool
  • clean or pressure wash the home and any outbuildings in your absence
  • oversee renovations while you're gone and provide email and/or photo updates
  • oversee deliveries and home services (hay, pest control, etc.)
  • pick up and forward mail
  • manage emergencies (power outages, burst pipes, downed trees, etc.)
  • provide contact for riding clients
  • manage rental advertising, contracts, and rent collection

Running an equestrian property is a huge undertaking, especially if it's your business. While you're away from home or the horse stalls, the peace of mind you find from having someone who professionally manages horse real estate is usually worth the cost. Contact a property management service, like East Valley Property Management, who has experience in equestrian estates and see what they can do for you. You just may want to leave more often!