How to Design a Unique and Beautiful Traditional Home

If you have decided to select a traditional style for you new home, you have opened the door to many choices. Traditional style homes can borrow ideas from various types of architect and still retain the classic style which makes them special. Here are some ideas which may inspire you as you make your initial preparations.

Start a File

If you are not facing a deadline, take the time to create a file. As you go through decorating magazines, cut out pictures of house features you like. In addition, as you drive through residential areas, take notes of architectural features you would like to incorporate into your own home. Separate the photographs and notes into categories like master bedroom, kitchen, living room, enclosed patio, and so on. Even small details should be saved to be used later on. After all, if you have to have a window in the dining room, it might as well be a unique one that you loved at first sight.

Making Architectural Choices

Again, it's smart to get inspiration from a design that has already been done by somebody else. See what works well together. For example, if you have chosen brick for your exterior walls, any type of roof will work. However, if you've selected stucco, you might want to go with tile roof that will give your tradition home a flavor of the southwest.  Selecting a color other than red for the roof may bring the design back to your more traditional choice.  A tin roof would be spectacular on any design you select. Your architect has the experience and the training to guide you in the design of your home. It's really important to select somebody with great communication skills.

Selecting Your Home Builder

Follow the guidelines below:

  • Consider getting names of custom home builders that have already worked with your architect. If they have worked well together on past projects, this is an indication that they are a good team.
  • Find out about the construction workers your builder uses in building your home. Are they experienced, too? 
  • Be specific about materials that will be used. 
  • When you and the architect meet with the builder you have selected, be very specific about what you desire in your home. Bring your file folder for greater clarification.
  • It is helpful to put everything in writing. Ask the builder to initial each page so that later on there won't be a question as to whether it was presented or not.

Good luck on designing your traditional home with a custom home builder.