Understanding Key Diferences In Housing Designed For Senior Independent Life

As a senior citizen, buying a home can be a little different for you than what it may have been when you were younger and your physical health was better. The home you will need to be comfortable will require a few additional features that may not be found in typical real estate. When you are in the process of searching for your new home that can cater to an independent living lifestyle as a senior citizen, there are several key differences you should be on the lookout for.

Accessibility Throughout the Home

A home suitable for independent living, like many of those sold through Brooke View, will have full accessibility features. You may see ramps on the porch instead of stairs, wide-set door frames, and larger parking areas for wheelchair accessible vans. While multi-level homes can be considered for a senior who is living alone, they are less common as they require chair lifts or elevators on all stairways to make it possible for you to navigate through every level of your home. Even the bathroom in an accessible home will be different, with a step-in bath and elongated toilet.

Safety and Emergency Features

One key feature in an independent living home compared to traditional housing is the fact that these houses will have safety and emergency equipment in place already. You may have push-button intercoms that can be connected with an emergency service or emergency switches in the bathroom. Fire and smoke alarms will be up-to-date and you may have a fire sprinkler system as well. An independent living home will be advanced in home security, with simple-to-use remotes and activation practices.

Convenience in Location

Homes that are deemed independent living houses by a real estate company are most often conveniently located in close proximity to shopping and medical professionals. It is not as common to ind rural homes with an independent living label, as homes within city limits are usually more convenient for an aging senior who may not drive. If you invest in a condo on the premises of an assisted living service, you will have full access to staff at all times of the day of you need help with your daily activities.

When it comes down to it, shopping for a home that will be a safe place for you to live a solitary life as a senior citizen will take some effort. However, working with a real estate agent who specializes in independent living can be a big help to assist you in finding the right type of home.