How To Create A First Aid Kit For Your Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs are very beautiful and generally very expensive. If you have an oriental rug in your home, you need to create a first-aid kit for your rug. That way, if anything every gets spilled on your beautiful and valuable rug, you will have all the tools on hand to clean up the stain right away before it sets in and ruins your rug. Here is what you need to put into your kit and what it can be used for. 


The first thing you want to put into your oriental rug first-aid kit is some clean white cloths that are very absorbent. Microfiber cloths are very absorbent and would make a great addition to your kit. White cloths are better than colored cloths because you can see if the stain you are working on has been absorbed, and you won't cause the color of the cloth you're using to bleed onto the rug. 

You may want to cut some of the cloths into strips or squares that can be helpful down the line. This will allow you to apply small amounts of specific cleaning solutions to your oriental rug. 


The second thing you need is a sponge. Once again, white is the preferred color so you can more easily see the stain you are trying to pick up. You can use this to blot the stain. 

Eye Dropper

The third thing you want to put into your kit is an eye dropper. An eye dropper will allow you to apply whatever cleaning solution you are using in a very precise manner. Due to the sensitive nature of oriental rugs, this tool will help you to only apply the cleaning solution to the stain. 

Natural Enzyme Liquid Detergent 

The fourth thing you need is some natural enzyme liquid detergent. A natural liquid detergent will be gentler on your oriental rug. You can mix the natural liquid detergent with water and use it to clean a wide variety of stains. 

You can just put the detergent in the kit, or you can mix up a solution of natural detergent with water in a spray bottle or container. 

White Vinegar Solution

The fifth thing you need to do is create a white vinegar solution. Mix together a solution that contains two parts of water to one part white vinegar. This solution is very alkaline on stains. It works well on a wide variety of stains and should be where you head to next if the liquid detergent solution does not remove the stain.

Ammonia Solution

The sixth thing you need is an ammonia solution. Mix a spoonful of ammonia with a cup of water inside of a container. Ammonia works well on deep stains with strong colors that show up on your oriental rug, such as juice stains or beet stains. Ammonia should be used after you have tried using the liquid and the white vinegar solution first. 

Oil/Grease Or Paint Remover

The seventh thing you need is an oil, grease or paint remover. This will allow you to remove substances like oil, food grease, nail polish, and paint from your rug should those substances get on it. 

Make sure that you label all the cleaning solutions that you created so you know which is what. The next time something gets on your oriental rug, just pull out your oriental rug first-aid kit. This will allow you to quickly remove any stains and prevent them from setting in. 

If you find you can't get the stain out on your own, you may want to contact a professional oriental rug cleaning service.