Real Estate - Home Selling 101: The Anatomy Of The Neighbor Letter

One of the lesser-known, yet nevertheless powerful, tools for selling a home is the neighbor letter. This letter lets your neighbors know that your home is for sale, and it alerts them to ways that they can get involved. It also let them know why they should. After all, they would benefit from having their own friends and family members as neighbors. Here are the essential parts you need to include in your neighbor letter.


While you want to personalize the introduction for every neighbor you know personally, compose a general introduction for the neighbor letters that are going to be sent to neighbors you don't actually know. Give your name. State a small bit about yourself, and maybe even give one or two pleasant memories of neighborhood events you think of warmly.

Statement of Intent

Right after the brief introduction, get right to the point of why you are writing to your neighbor. Explain that you are selling your home, and if it may pique the neighbor's interest, tell a bit about why you are selling your home. That should be succinct and steer away from giving away any information that makes you appear desperate to sell.

Property Details

Next, give all the details of your property. Explain its size, the square footage of the home, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that your home contains. You may want to point out any special features of the property, such as a swimming pool, a game room that can be transformed into an extra bedroom, or a particularly large backyard. Make your property stand out by accentuating its positive features.

Explain the Possibilities of Action and Inaction

If your neighbor doesn't know you well, you will want to provide some incentive for the person to take action to help you sell your home. You may explain the benefits of how great it would be to have someone they like as a neighbor. On the other side, you can also talk about the downsides of having a stranger move in. While you may have been a great neighbor, a stranger may not continue to do the nice things for the neighborhood that you've done. Point out all these things.

Reiterate Your Position

Rephrase the reasons that a neighbor should want to take action to help you sell your home by passing along the information to their friends and family members. You may want to point out a couple of other nice things about your home here, too.

Call to Action

Lastly, once you've made an irresistible case, be sure to provide a call to action at the end of the letter. People prefer to help when you make it as easy on them as possible. Spell out the easy ways that they may help you while also getting people they like as neighbors.

Contact Information

Sign the letter off in a very friendly way, then place all your contact information at the bottom of the letter. Be sure to include a phone number and email address. You may also include other forms of contact information, such as social media links.

Finally, take your time to write a really effective, thoughtful note. A neighbor letter strategy can help you sell your home quickly if it's done well. Attraction in real estate sales is a stress-free method of selling your home for top dollar. Utilize the neighbor letter as an important part of attracting others to check out your property. Contact a company like RE/MAX 1ST CHOICE to learn more.