Three Reasons You Should Buy A Home Before Becoming A Digital Nomad

As a digital nomad, you have the freedom to travel anywhere in the country while working at your computer. You'll be living out of rented rooms and sublets, traveling to new cities as you please. Since you'll be living on the road, it may seem counterintuitive to purchase your own house before you set off on your nomadic adventure. However, there are a few reasons why buying a house before you become a digital nomad is a smart decision. 

Having a Home Base

If you're thinking about becoming a digital nomad, you're probably well aware of how the freelance world operates. Work comes and goes — sometimes you may find yourself working 60 hours a week, while other times you can barely scrounge enough clients together to make minimum wage.

Having your own house in your hometown will put your mind at ease. If you don't have your own house, you'll constantly be worried that you may end up homeless when a dry spell of work hits unexpectedly. Moreover, it's sometimes difficult to find sublets and room shares. When that happens, your only choice will be to rent a hotel room on a nightly basis for exorbitant rates. However, if you have your own house, you can simply travel back home temporarily until you find a new short-term rental option on the road.

Investing in Your Future

Buying a house is an investment. When you rent a place, all of the money you spend goes straight into someone else's pocket. In contrast, the money you spend on your home mortgage can be recouped the moment you decide to sell your house.

The Internet makes it possible for you to not spend a dime on your house while you're not living in it. Property rental sites such as Airbnb, FlipKey, HomeAway, and Roomorama allow you to rent out the rooms in your vacant home from the comfort of your computer. With a bit of effort, you can pay for your entire mortgage while you're living the nomadic life. The best part is that all of that free money is an investment in your own future.

Having a Place for Your Belongings

When you become a digital nomad, it's pretty much impossible to take all of your belongings with you. You'll have two choices: sell all of your things or put them in a storage unit. If you sell your belongings, you'll likely only receive pennies on the dollar compared to what you paid for them. If you put your things in a storage unit, you'll be throwing away a substantial amount of money every month in rental fees.

If you have your own house, you can simply store all of your belongings in the basement or attic. That way they won't take up one of the rooms that you could potentially be renting out on property rental websites. More importantly, you can rest assured that your valuables will be safe and sound whenever you return home, and you'll save a lot of money in the long run.

Living as a digital nomad is a very exciting and freeing experience. However, having your own house to come home to whenever you wish will put your mind at ease and help you truly appreciate life on the road. Contact a local provider, such as, for further assistance.