Selling Your Home? Reasons To Purchase A New Home In A Master Planned Community

If you are planning to sell your home but have not found a new home yet, you should consider moving into a master planned community (MPC). Below is some information about this and the many benefits it can offer to you so you can decide if this is right for you.

Master Planned Community

A master planned community is a housing development centered on a community that has everything a person would need in order to be happy. An MPC is much more than a regular neighborhood. This is because you can find many recreational amenities, such as jogging trails, swimming pools, bike paths, lakes, golf courses, and parks within your neighborhood. Developers take a lot of time when they plan, design, and develop the community making sure that everything is perfect.

Benefits of a Master Planned Community

There are many benefits of choosing to move to a master planned community including:

Safe and Secure

You can feel safe and secure when you live in a MPC. In most cases, the neighborhood is both gated and patrolled by security at all times. The gates will require you to enter a number into a keypad to open it, or there may be a gate operator on staff at all times.

Because the community is gated, there is much less through traffic, which means the streets are not as busy when compared to an open neighborhood.


In most cases, MPCs are much like self-contained small cities with a variety of restaurants, shops, businesses, and services. Many MPCs are built close to high quality schools.

You could easily find just about everything you need and not have to ever leave the MPC unless you needed to visit a doctor or hospital.

Variety of Floor Plans

When you choose a new home in a MPC, you will have a variety of floor plans to choose from. What makes it different than traditional homes are you can have more than one builder to build your home. This is beneficial because the builders can offer you different opinions and options. There will be interior designers to help you design the interior of your home so that it suits you and your family the best. The homes are built so that they are energy efficient to help you save money on your monthly energy bills.

Talk with a real estate agent in your neighborhood, like Foxfire Realty, Inc., about finding a new home in a MPC.