2 Ways Locksmith Technology Is Staying Caught Up With Automobile Lock Technology

As you likely know, automobile technology is constantly changing, and one automobile feature that every manufacturer is always looking to improve is the door locks. While more secure door locks are never bad -- they help you feel safer when inside your car with the doors locked and help keep you from worrying so much about your car getting broken into or even stolen when it is parked -- you may wonder if you will suddenly resent those more secure door locks next time you accidentally lock your keys in your car and need to call a locksmith to help you get inside of it. Thankfully, locksmith technology is progressing just as fast as automobile technology. Here are examples of the modern tools available to locksmiths that they can use to help you get into your vehicle after you lock yourself out of it no matter how secure the locks are. 

1. Portable Replacement Key Makers 

While replacing a vehicle key used to be such a hassle that locksmiths just had to focus on getting you inside your car in other ways, there are now many key-making tools available to professional locksmiths that allow them to quickly make a new key for you right in front of your eyes after you have locked yourself out of your car. While there are many of these tools available to locksmiths, and they all vary in how they work, one type of key-maker is called an EKI, or Electronic Key Impressioner. It uses 3-D printing technology that is becoming so popular today for a variety of purposes.

To make a new key with the device, all your locksmith has to do is wave the tip of the device over your car lock, and the device then sends printing coordinates to a small key printer attached to it. The key printer then uses the coordinates to 3-D print a new key that you can use to get into your car when locked out of it and keep as a spare that will come in handy if you lock yourself out of it again. 

2. More Efficient Versions of Classic Car-Opening Tools

Don't worry if your local locksmith doesn't have an EKI or other portable key printer, because there are many classic tools that locksmiths have used for decades to help people get into their locked cars that still work on newer car models. If you have ever locked your keys in your car and were lucky enough to have a cracked window, then you may remember your locksmith sticking a long tool through the crack that reached the interior door lock and popped it open quickly. 

This tool is not only still in use, but there are new versions popping up that work better than ever. A new model has a small cable lasso at the end that can be enlarged and then tightened to let your locksmith get a really great grasp on your interior door lock. While it works well on any door that has a cracked window, it can also be used to unlock a car with a driver side door window that is completely shut if it is a sash-style door, which is a relatively common door style. 

If you love how automobile door locks are always becoming more secure, but you worry that secure door locks will prevent a locksmith from being able to help you get back into your car if you were to lock your keys inside, then you can stop worrying. As automobile lock technology has progressed, so has locksmith technology, and technology has actually made it easier than ever for a locksmith to help you get back into your locked car with no risk of damage to it.