How To Make An Open House Inspection Successful

Open house inspections can be a viable option to help you showcase the various features of your house that make it stand out. After deciding to place your house on the market, you should then consider hiring a qualified and driven real estate agent to help plan and chaperone your open house event. Read on to learn steps you can take to make your open house inspection more successful and hopefully get many buyers interested in your home. 


The first step toward a successful open house event is advertising. You need to alert buyers to the event by placing ads on print media or online listings, including lots of colorful and well detailed photos to showcase all aspects of your home.

You can also distribute flyers for weeks prior to the event and put proper signage in front of your home to draw attention to the event. Plan with your real estate agent to pick a day with a favorable weather forecast, as inclement weather conditions could keep buyers away. On the day of the inspection, ask your real estate agent to put up signs to guide buyers coming from high traffic roads, especially if your home is too out-of-the-way to locate with ease. 

On inspection day, continue your marketing endeavor by handing out pamphlets with photos of the home, your agent's contact details, the price of the home and other information that would help buyers remember the home after they leave. You should also ensure that visitors sign up with ID and contact details for safety reasons and for ease of reaching them in case you need feedback.


It is vital that your home looks its best during an open house inspection so as to create a positive and exciting first impression with buyers. Simple steps such as vacuuming the floors and carpets, painting interior walls, and rearranging furniture could make the house look and feel orderly, fresh and modern.

You should also trim the hedges, mow the lawn, repair damaged siding and clear clutter from the yard to make the home's exterior more organized and universally appealing. Cleaning the drapery, repairing damaged sinks/bathtubs and fixing damaged lighting could also be worthwhile renovations to ensure the home looks fresh and new. 

Showcase your home's beauty

Opening up all curtains and turning on the lights can help make the home interior bright and more visible during inspections. You can also showcase features that make your home stand out such as a glass door fireplace, a spacious study, or similar interesting features. However, avoid being overly pushy and let the buyers examine the home in peace.