3 Easy Ways To Maximize Space In Your Small Home Before Listing It For Sale

Your home is smaller than most and it may even be the primary reason why you are ready to find something else. The main problem with selling a smaller home is that lack of floor space can be a major buyer turnoff. There is a good possibility that all of those bothersome, cramped areas that get to you will not look so inviting in the eyes of a buyer. With that being said it is easy to understand that--as a homeowner selling your small house--you will have to be creative and careful about how it is portrayed. Here are a few easy ways to maximize what little space your have in your small home before you list it on the market.

Open up the window views. 

If you are like a good portion of homeowners, your windows stay protected by both blinds and curtains simply for privacy purposes. While window treatments are always a good privacy feature and even add to the decor, having the windows completely blocked off in a small home eliminates pretty much all natural light and makes the rooms appear smaller. Before listing to sell your home and taking pictures, remove bulky window treatments and open up the blinds. The visuals create the illusion that the space extends beyond the walls of the house and will help to open it up. 

Clear the corners of smaller rooms. 

When you first peer into a room, not being able to see the definitive lines that mark the space will definitely make it feel smaller. For this reason, it is a good idea to clear out the corners in your smaller rooms before you show the house to a potential buyer. Get rid of any clutter that is tucked away in corners, move furnishings away from the corners, and get rid of any large and bulky pieces that reach from the floor to the ceiling. 

Vamp up the exterior living space. 

This may sound like cheating, but the fact of the matter is, some homeowners spend just as much time outdoors as they do in. Therefore, the more you can highlight the exterior living space as a valuable attribute, the more of a chance you will have to sell your small house. Make sure the lawn is decluttered and ensure the patio and porches are clear with ample space to move around. Some buyers will actually choose a smaller home over a larger one as long as it has an excellent exterior space to enjoy.