Prepare for the Open House: 4 Kitchen Areas that Aren’t as Clean as You Think

If you intend to sell your house in the near future, you are likely packing and planning. In the hustle and bustle, it is actually quite easy to forget that you also need to make your home look fantastic in time for the open house. As much time as people spend in the kitchen, this is actually one of the rooms that often goes overlooked in terms of cleaning and preparing. These tips will ensure that you do not forget a prominent area of the kitchen that buyers will be looking at. 

1. Kitchen Counters

Over time, more things touch your kitchen counter than nearly any other area in the room. You prepare your meals on this counter and may even have set outside items up there. No matter how often you wipe with paper towels, using all-purpose cleaner is the best way to treat them well. It is important to do this several times a week to keep the counter free of germs.

2. Pantry Shelves

No matter how covered your shelves are, keeping them clean is essential. Give your pantry shelves and walls a thorough wiping just in case a buyer decides he or she wants to take a peek at how much space your cabinet or pantry has to offer.

3. Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is an easy place for bacteria to build up. Think about all the things you pour into your sink every day. If you aren't giving the sink a good wipe down, you are contributing to additional mess. A paper towel and some multi-purpose cleaner may be your best bet in eliminating bacteria. Then, you have the smell. Coffee grounds and lemon are both ways to help clear out bad smells that rest in your garbage disposal.

4. Knobs and Switches

What's the first thing you touch in the kitchen when you enter and the last thing you touch before you leave? It's probably a light switch or a door knob. Make sure you give each of these a good wiping with some cleaner before you host your open house.

You certainly don't want to overlook any of these areas when you are planning an open house in the hope of selling your home. Not sure what else you should be working on? Make sure to talk to your real estate agent about other areas that tend to go overlooked in the course of cleaning a house for an open house.