Keep Your Home And Family Safe During Home Inspection Repair Work

If you're putting your home on the market, you've probably got a punch list of needed repairs from your home inspection report. Although you aren't required to complete the repairs before selling, many homeowners opt to have some things repaired in order to simplify the selling process, and maintain or increase the home's value. Unless you're doing all the work yourself, having repairs done on the home usually necessitates having multiple workers coming to your property. To keep peace of mind for your home and family, keep these safety tips in mind.

1. Schedule all repairs during daylight hours.

In the winter, when it gets dark as early as 4:00pm in some parts of the country, it's challenging to make sure that all repair work begins and ends during daylight hours. But sticking to this schedule is a good idea. First, you'll be better able to identify the marked company van and inspect personal identification while the repairman waits outside. Second, it will be easier for you to ensure that the work has been completed correctly when there's still plenty of light.

2. Choose the company yourself; don't let them choose you.

When you list your home for sale, it's not uncommon to receive unsolicited home maintenance offers on the phone, in your mailbox, or hanging on your front door knob. To play it safe, bypass these offers, which do have the potential to be targeted crime. Only choose repair companies whom you have decided upon through your own research or known referrals.

3. Hire only credentialed professionals.

Most reputable home repair companies will have a posted set of credentials that the company and personnel has. If you don't see these credentials listed, don't assume the company has them. Most trades have associated credentials to meet quality standards. If you ignore this certification and simply hire an individual with no official credentials, you may get inferior results or even have more damage done.

4. Never allow workers in your home while you're not there.

As tempting as it may be to save your work vacation day and give an honest-sounding technician permission to take care of your home repair while you're not there, resist the temptation. For safety and liability reasons, many companies won't even allow their technicians to do work if someone over the age of 18 isn't home at the time. Follow their lead and take the necessary time off work to ensure your home repairs are completed to your standards.

Remember, the quality of your home repairs will influence how potential homebuyers value your property. These tips will keep your family and your property protected.