Look for These Enticing Outbuildings When You Browse the Luxury Home Market

One of the exciting elements of browsing luxury homes for sale is that the enticing perks extend beyond the house itself. When you look at luxury homes, you'll also find carefully manicured lawns — and, in many cases, outbuildings that may make you convinced that you need to be the next owner of the residence. Luxury homes can offer a wide range of outbuildings that can cater to all sorts of prospective buyers. While standard homes may occasionally have a detached garage or a storage shed, luxury homes will frequently offer outbuildings that meet the following descriptions.

Music Building 

If the seller of the luxury home is an avid musician, you'll frequently find an outbuilding on the property that is used as a music building or perhaps even a home recording studio. This can be a dream come true if you're also a musician, as it's nice to be able to play and rehearse in a dedicated space outside your home. Music buildings are typically fully soundproof, which will allow you and your musician friends to jam without upsetting the neighbors. Even if you're not a musician, a music building may still be appealing — the soundproofing, for example, can be handy if you wish to convert the building into a home theater.


You'll often find that luxury homes have impressive guesthouses, which can be highly appealing if you frequently have family members or friends stay with you overnight. The presence of a guesthouse means that your guests will have their own space so that they aren't intruding on your home, and it will also give them some privacy. The guesthouses of many luxury homes are more like a house than a small cottage — a guesthouse may include a kitchen, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, ample living space, and other features.

Pool Building

Many luxury homes will feature indoor pools that are housed in a separate building from the main house. This building will feature not only the pool, but may also feature multiple changing areas, a lounging spot to get out of the sun, and even a kitchen area where people can prepare food during a pool party. You may even find some luxury pools that are contained partly inside the building, but that extend beyond the building's walls. Depending on the complexity of the building, there may also be features such as a water slide, a hot tub, and a sauna.