Hot Summer Home Selling Tips

Summer can really sizzle when it comes to selling your home, but you can make it even more successful by following these tips that focus on the warmer months.

1. Keep your yard in shape. With spring rains and summer sun, grass can quickly get out of control. Buyers won't be nearly as interested in viewing a home with an overgrown yard as one that is neatly trimmed. If you know you won't be around to do the chore, plan ahead and hire a yard team to take care of it on a regular basis. Keep your plants and grass well-hydrated as well.

2. Ensure that buyers keep their cool. While energy conservation is important for both the environment and your wallet, be sure not to get too carried away during those hot, steamy months. Even if you don't mind a warmer temp inside, your buyers will appreciate some cool air, so adjust the thermostat and use fans to keep the air circulated when buyers are present.

3. Let in the light. The extra sunlight available during this time of the year can play in your favor since light-filled rooms automatically appear to be larger and more welcoming. Pull back your curtains and open the blinds.

4. Be aware of odors. Hot days just seem to make those stinky garbage cans even stinkier. To help eliminate those odors, close trash up tightly in plastic bags before placing them in a larger can with a well-fitting lid. Check the inside of your can, particularly the bottom, for "garbage juice" and keep it nice and clean. Keep the indoor cans emptied while you're at it.

5. Make your backyard an oasis. On warm days, the urge to head outdoors is only natural. Make sure that your backyard is not overlooked; buyers are very interested in picturing themselves on your back deck or patio. Wash down the deck or patio, and any outdoor furniture with a pressure washer and keep your pool sparkling clean and inviting. If you don't already have a covered area in the back, a portable awning or canopy can supply a cool spot for a chair, a book, and cool drink.

6. Keep it dry. Summer heat can also bring humidity, and you can bet that your buyers will want to look in every humid place you can imagine: your bathrooms, the basement, and more. The use of portable dehumidifiers can work wonders in those areas.

7. Quench their thirst. House-hunting is exhausting, particularly on hot days. Be sure to keep some cool water or lemonade and ice available for your buyers. It will definitely make your home more memorable in a positive way.

For more ideas, check with real estate agents in your area.