Six Mistakes To Avoid When You’re Choosing Travel Nurse Housing

Finding an appropriate housing solution is an essential step in preparing for an assignment as a travel nurse. Making a bad choice when choosing a housing solution can make life difficult for you throughout the duration of your assignment. That's why it's so important to avoid common travel nurse housing mistakes.

The following are six mistakes to avoid when you're choosing travel nurse housing for an upcoming assignment. 

Not researching the area enough before selecting a location

When you're selecting housing for a travel nurse assignment, it's important to put some time into familiarizing yourself with the area's neighborhoods.

Learn the location of important amenities you'll need to access on a daily basis like shopping areas and gyms. Make sure the neighborhoods you're considering are safe and have a low crime rate. Also, investigate the recreation offerings and find a place you'll be entertained and comfortable during your stay. 

Ignoring your commute details

Simply finding out how many miles away your housing will be from your place of work is not enough. You also need to research the commute details. This includes any traffic you need to expect when you're going to and coming from the hospital or healthcare institution where you'll be working.

Rush hour traffic can make a drive take three times as long, so make sure you've gotten an idea of traffic patterns in the area before choosing a housing location. 

Overlooking hidden fees

There can be a lot of hidden fees tacked on when you rent temporary housing for a travel nurse assignment.

Make sure you find out the total costs of your rental before committing to it. This should include not just rent, but also any booking, application, or agent fee you'll have to pay as part of the agreement. 

Failing to consult your employer for advice

Take advantage of the contacts you'll have in the area. Ask any colleague, human resources personnel, or another staff member at the facility you'll be assigned to for housing advice if possible. Those already familiar with the area can provide you with valuable insights for choosing the right housing. 

Waiting too long to find housing

It's important to plan ahead when you're looking for a housing solution for your next job assignment. If you try to arrange housing at the last minute, you could find that your options are limited and you'll have to settle with something that will be less than ideal. 

Not having your documents and references in order

You'll have to provide a lot of important documents and information when you're being considered for travel nurse housing.

It's therefore good to have all the needed information regarding your employment and references readily at hand to present right away when you've found a housing option that you're interested in.