Why You Need A Real Estate Agent When Searching For A Home

Are you searching for a home to buy but don't see the point in using a real estate agent to get the job done? If so, you'd be missing out on many of the benefits that they can provide. Here are some reasons to use a real estate agent.

Real Estate Agents Are Free

It's important to realize how real estate agents are paid, and there is no cost to you to use one. That is because the sellers pay for the agent commission out of the sales price of the home. This is not a fee that is added on top of the sales price, or something that you pay out of your own pocket. If you end up not using a real estate agent to complete the purchase of your next home, you do not receive that commission as the buyer. The seller's agent is going to collect a bigger commission since they are the one that distributes it. That is why there is no cost advantage to not using a real estate agent since you'll only be making the purchase with less experience.

Real Estate Agents Help Expand Your Search

If you are the only one doing the searching for homes for sale, you'll likely miss out on many homes that are not within your search criteria. They may be in a nearby city that is not being searched, slightly above your price range, or even a pocket listing that is not on the market. There is certainly no harm to being aware of more homes that are for sale since only more good can come out of it as a buyer.

Real Estate Agents Help With Contract Negotiation

Have you ever negotiated a real estate contract before? Having years of experience can certainly benefit you as a buyer since the agent knows what sellers will and will not go for when negotiating. This includes asking for concessions at closing, requesting repairs, lowering the price of the home, and even asking for an extended time to close on the home if necessary. 

In addition to negotiating the contracts, real estate agents will review every document you sign to ensure that it is in your best interest. They'll be able to catch things that are not in the contracts, such as not having contingencies for things such as a poor home inspection, low appraisal, or failure to secure financing from a mortgage lender. 

If you have questions about home buying, reach out to a local real estate agent.