Home Staging: Not Just For Upscale Homes

Popular television shows make it look so easy to do repairs, decorate and remodel, and sell a home. Many people had never heard about home staging before all these shows, and there is a perception that it's expensive. Read on to learn why that is not necessarily the case.

You can always hire an expert to take care of home staging for you. You can also, if you have the need and desire, do it yourself. Staging, in case you haven't heard, is about showing your home's best features while distracting from the less-positive points. This is accomplished with carefully chosen furnishings and accessories. You can spend as much or as little as you like, depending on your budget. You can do it yourself completely, have an expert come in and give you personalized advice, or hire someone to do everything, including renting furniture and accessories. To get you started, consider these do-it-yourself tips.

Do a Walk-Through – Pretend you are a buyer and do a walk-through of your home. Take notes when something seems off and note the best features in each room. If a room feels too small, for example, consider how it would look with less furniture.

Declutter – Homes can begin to collect items over time, and buyers don't really need to see all those souvenirs, awards, school pictures, and knick-knacks. Remove all personal items from the walls, tables, shelves, refrigerator, etc., and pack them away for your next home.

Bring in Light – Homes that boast light-filled rooms feel larger, happier, and more welcoming. With that in mind, remove heavy draperies and replace them with sheer alternatives. Open the blinds and shades and make the most of every window.

Replace Your Accessories – You can freshen up stale rooms with some inexpensive but useful purchases. Replace those tired throw pillows, throws, rugs, and lamps with sleeker and fresher ones.

Consider Furniture Placement – The way you arrange your current furniture can make a huge difference in a room. If you have a lot of heavy, large pieces, consider putting them in storage or moving them to other rooms. For example, if you seldom use your dining room but your bedroom is small, repurpose that dresser (without the attached mirror) as a buffet table to set the dining area apart.

Create a Spa – You might be surprised how some fluffy, artfully rolled towels can turn your bathroom into a serene sanctuary. Add some fresh flowers and fancy soaps on display.

To learn more about staging your single-family home to attract buyers, speak to your real estate agent.