How To Remove The Smell Of Mold

After a mold outbreak in your home has been dealt with, the smell can linger. Not only is it extremely unappetizing, but the mold spores that carry the smell can irritate respiratory conditions and facilitate the growth of new mold in your home. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do to remove the smell of mold from your home.


The most obvious solution to the smell of mold is to clean the area that it seems to be strongest in. You should throw away papers and cardboard, which can hold onto mold spores for a long period of time, and wash any clothing, sheets, or fabrics in hot water to remove and kill any mold spores that remain. Furthermore, you should use a mixture of chemical cleaners, like bleach or commercial cleaning solutions, to wipe down the floors, wall, ceiling, and other areas of the room to remove any mold spores. When doing this cleaning, be sure to open the windows and ensure proper ventilation: this not only helps protect you from the fumes of the cleaning supplies, but helps remove the smell of mold as well. In order to be proactive about future mold growth, you should make cleaning a regular habit throughout your home, particularly in areas that are humid and do not receive a great deal of ventilation.


Dehumidifying the room where the mold smell is coming from is a good way to remove the smell. Removing the moisture from the air will help reduce the smell and make the room a less hospitable environment for future mold growth to occur in. Simply leave the dehumidifier running throughout the day and remember to remove the collected water regularly to ensure that the smell of mold is slowly but surely reduced.

Odor Removers

Some common household chemicals can be used to remove the smell of mold from the air if other methods prove to be ineffective. The most common and likely most effective material that can be used for such a purpose is baking soda: simply open up a box and leave it in the affected room to freshen the air over time. You'll have to replace the box every month or so to ensure that it continues to work as effectively as possible. Additionally, you can also make use of cat litter and pieces of barbeque charcoal in containers to achieve the same affect in a pinch.