5 Tips for Competing with Multiple Home Offers

If you are looking at a home that you really love, but there are many competing offers on the table, it can be stressful to think that you may not be able to get the home at this point. However, there are some ways that you can compete with the multiple home offers to ensure that you are much closer to getting the home of your dreams. Here are five tips for doing this: Read More 

Consider The Advantages Of Dome Homes

Would you ever consider buying a home that's a dome? The trend for round residential properties never really took off in the United States, but one particular issue might finally spark more interest from home buyers. That's the increasing occurrence and severity of hurricanes and other storms; dome homes are better able to withstand these weather events than traditional structures are. Advantages of Dome Homes Resiliency Against Storms & Earthquakes The shape of a dome allows it to hold up against high winds from tornadoes and hurricanes. Read More 

Renting Out A Summer Home

If you have a summer home that you use during warmer months, you may want to consider renting it out during the off-season as a way to make additional money. Many people enjoy having two homes, and it is a great opportunity to expand your income by sharing the lesser used home with others when you are not able to use it yourself. Here are some tips to use when considering getting involved in renting out a summer home. Read More 

How to Design a Unique and Beautiful Traditional Home

If you have decided to select a traditional style for you new home, you have opened the door to many choices. Traditional style homes can borrow ideas from various types of architect and still retain the classic style which makes them special. Here are some ideas which may inspire you as you make your initial preparations. Start a File If you are not facing a deadline, take the time to create a file. Read More 

Why A Property Management Service Might Be Perfect For Your Equestrian Property

If you own an equestrian property, you may not know all the benefits of working with a property management service that specializes in horse real estate. Read on to learn why a property management company might be just what you need and what kind of services they typically offer. Why Use a Property Management Company There are many reasons to engage the services of a property management company, including some you may not have thought of. Read More